Hi everyone!

Well here it is, the new website www.emma-shaka.com !

The previous version was great, but was lacking content and wasn’t that interactive The new website is radically different in many ways, you’ll see! The whole team has worked extensively accompanying me on this new project and I wanted to thank them all. There are increasingly more & more people likely to support me and encourage me. I received many messages lately from fans across the USA, the UK and Australia who enjoyed “Who I Am” you guys are wonderful! I was feeling bad that I couldn’t share more with you all…

I make music because I love it, but making music or singing only for myself does not make any sense to me, and as an artist. I create music in order for people to enjoy and share it if they ever appreciate it, social networks have been from the very beginning the only way I had at my disposal to spread the word about up coming things (with the advantages and disadvantages it brings). This site bears my name certainly, but it’s also yours! I wanted the new site to be as interactive as possible between you and me. On your side, you have the opportunity to interact by leaving messages on any article from the blog to the reviews, you can also become a full member of the website by subscribing to the ” News Letter”, so you don’t miss a thing of what’s coming up in 2014… I dived myself into another world few weeks ago, thanks to all those who supported me from the very beginning, and especially in recent months. The list of people to thank is too long to list, but I wanted to offer something special and this new site is part of it. Take 5 minutes to register, it’s free and there’s no hassle to cancel anytime you want. Important things happening in my life as an artist right now, things I’d like to share in a space that would be ours. Isn’t this blog by far the best place to freely do it?

I have a new album coming, new videos to share as well as old ones that have never been released. I’m currently working on a live streaming concert project, as I recently discovered that there were many people following me in different countries who might never have the opportunity to attend one of my shows. Many people who bought the album also asked if we had some T-shirts and posters… And I thought; why not build an online Store? It could financially help me with the next album production or a tour promotion after all… A Store where you could buy the CD of course, but also posters, t-shirts and other original things… it is all set up take a look at it 😉

Online Store

The new site, the store, the next album as well as this project of online shows will require a lot of time as well as resources. As you know I’m a totally independent artist with by my side an effective but restricted team. Your messages of support as well as your personal contributions to the project are vitally important as it helps me to move forward. Moving forward allows me, to push boundaries, reach new goals in my projects and my career, and thus being able to share what’s been accomplished with you again… full circle !

I hope you like the new site, feel free to leave your comments below; )

I’ll stop here for this first post, I have about 3000 things to do… a suitcase and plane to Paris to catch … hi hi

A new page is being written thanks to you ; )

The program for 2014 will be loaded, hope you’re ready !





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