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Emma Shaka – Biography

Emma Shaka is an Indie singer, songwriter, and performer from a French territory called Reunion Island.  However, if you ask her, she will say that she is a citizen of the world and one who find the United States and its culture, admirable.  Venturing throughout Norway, France, and China, her travels have enabled her to comprehend all aspects of the world on a global scale. The traveling opportunities fueling her psyche have equally fueled her vehement drive to succeed in the music industry.  Music is a gift to her, an unforeseeable treasure that she has not forsaken since she began singing at seven years old, nostalgic when reminiscing over previous Céline Dion and Led Zeppelin albums, collected as presents from her parents.  Decisively choosing to not restrict herself to categorical barriers, Shaka and her music choice bridge the gap between the concrete energetic edgy rock and melodic pop music.  Conclusively, she is a woman on fire with music captivating her veins, possessing perseverance that only a distinguished singer-songwriter and performer such as Shaka can illuminate.

Female-fronted bands tend to entice misconceptions, but Emma Shaka’s Who I Am establishes a foundation combined rock and pop roots that everyone can enjoy.  The work captures the sensitive person that Shaka is while transforming all of her fears and frustrations into self-made compositions.  Emma has a message to spread and she isn’t shy about it, especially on Who I Am. Songs like “Let Me Try” highlight Emma’s released frustrations, when she eagerly speaks about the foreseeable change needed in society, voicing her concern over consumer habits and ecological issues.  Building on the momentum of redefined pop/rock is also her current single “Can You Hear Me.” Alexa Spieler of ReviewYou.com states that “Emma displays her vocal ability, unparalleled by any other vocalist in the industry now,” concerning Shaka’s current single.  The recorded experience of her single can now be visualized by the music video that she produced, on YouTube.  Concerning, a potential succeeding single “Sex Away,” Spieler declared that “she [Emma] epitomizes what it means to be a true rock star, glimpses of Joan Jett conveyed through her strong vocals and rawness.”  The title track has even been described as “Superb, absolutely superb, as Emma Shaka touches your heart.”

On June 2013, Emma Shaka performed at the prestigious Alhambra Concert Hall in Paris, where she participated in the Zic Me Up contest, one of the most popular music competition for unsigned artists in France. Zic Me Up contest is often referred to as a “talent booster” and includes a panel of judges made of notorious music industry professionals. Out of 8,000 bands from France as well as other countries Emma Shaka made it to the top 10, another huge honor for Shaka and her band.

Emma Shaka has grown in popularity over the past year and for good reasons, audiences have been stunned with the quality of music Shaka writes and sings as well as how energetic and captivating her live performances are, she has come a long way from the small island of Reunion and is now ready to storm more stages with her band, fans, and supporters.


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